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YCCS WEST is a cutting-edge high school model that combines industry training as well as job placement. As a proud member of the Youth Connection Charter School Network, YCCS West was founded in the Austin Neighborhood of Chicago and stands at the forefont of competency-based education with the success of students in mind. Our classes are geared towards preparing students for the world of work, college or vocational training and for active participation in today’s global society.

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A Brighter Future

YCCS West is a career pathway program with a focus on social justice. Our curriculum tracks have certifications in IT, specializing in robotics, coding, and computer networking: as well as Allied Health where we prepare students to become Certified Nursing Assistants.

We provide our students with Paid Internships and Jobs, Flexible schedules, childcare and bus cards along with a host of other resources geared to Fast Tracking students toward a high school diploma and career.

The job market is evolving fast and we can’t allow the youth of Chicago to get left behind. Every city has its challenges, so we became part of the solution.

(Youth Connection Charter School) – Connecting the Youth to Better Opportunities.


Mr. Wagener

Assistant Principal