The Chicago Roar team learn how to play ball like the pros.

We visited WGN9 news situation to learn how to create a broad cast. And may I say- IT WAS AMAZING!!.

We saw so many different stages and different roles played behind the scene. We had the opportunity to see the whole team on the court. We learned that WGN stands for “Worlds Greatest Newspaper.” WGN was once a newspaper company that expended over the years into a TV news network and radio network covering live events.

We asked how did they build a climax in the news cycle and we found out that the new director, producer, some of the talent ,and I believe the writer to talk out what events or story are most important and what going to make Top Story, how they are going to plan out the show. We got so many ideas from the being on set, we are excited to work on our own newscast.

by Asia Williams