A young woman’s personal development is directly affected by temperament, self-concept, and those meaningful relationships that are formed early in life. This after-school group is designed to properly equip our female students with
the basic skills needed to successfully assess and discover her TRUE personality; which is her individual pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. During our weekly meetings we utilize the following key components:
1. Workshops that tackle self-esteem issues, peer pressure, mental health, physical wellness, proper nutrition and hygiene.
2. Heightened cultural awareness and appreciation for diverse urban
populations in efforts to strengthen and build on new interactions with those who may seem different than oneself.
3. Advocacy of addressing critical student issues including but not limited to; rape crisis, sexual assault, domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases, drug/alcohol abuse, sexuality, suicide prevention, gang intervention, and female-on- female aggression. S.H.E. Group is organized and facilitated by the female staff but the meetings are run by the female students of YCCS West High School.